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What is Dr.Product?

Dr.Product is the library of hand-picked valuable resources for every aspiring product manager to learn without struggle.

Why Dr.Product?

What is more painful than learning something new? - finding the right resources to learn from! isn't it?

That is why Dr.Product made it easier for you to find great resources out there. So, just focus on learning & growing, we'll take care of the rest!

How we ensure the quality of resources?

We pick great resources from recommendations of top PMs & product communities and we personally check the quality of each resource that comes live on Dr.Product.

One more thing! your feedback matters a lot in improving Dr.Product. Share your feedback.  

Nikhil tirumalasetty dr.product creator Nikhil tirumalasetty dr.product creator

About Creator of Dr.Product

Nikhil Tirumalasetty is a startup enthusiast who loves to build products that he wishes he had. Currently building Dr.Product & Dr.Startup (launching soon). He is an avid reader and lifelong learner. His restless, creative streak found its release in writing, creating products, and sketching. He shares his learnings on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & other platforms. He loves to doodle & sketch.

Nikhil Tirumalasetty, @ThinkWithNIkhil

Dr.Product Journey 🚌

  • 1

    Came up With The idea πŸ’‘

     I was undergoing product management training a month back and I was looking for great resources online to improve my product skills.

    Struggled a lot to find the right resources in this massive digital ocean.

    That's when Dr.Product took birth. (Oct 12th 2021)

  • 2

    Built MVP πŸ”¨

    I took a step to build Dr.Product. I spent 4 days building Dr.Product using a no-code tool [@unicornplatform]. (Oct 16th)

  • 3

    Optimized for SEO πŸ”

    After building it for 4 days. I got the tool reviewed by a couple of my classmates & a product expert.

    Before preparing Dr.Product for launch, optimized Dr.Product for SEO.

  • 4

    Marked 100 Active Users πŸŽ‰

    After building MVP and validating the idea. I have launched an early access program. Unexpectedly, got a lot of traction and a hugely positive response.

    So, I decided to launch the platform for everyone on Monday (Oct 18th).

    Within 4 days, Dr.Product has 100 active users. (Oct 22nd)

  • 5

    Added New Feature ✨

    Added a list of top product experts every product human should follow on Twitter, Linkedin & other socials. Check Here 

  • 6

    Marked 380 Users in 24 Hours

    Dr.Product acquired 380 users within 24 hours of launching a new feature (find an expert )

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