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How To Use

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    #1 Skill Analysis πŸ”

    Analyze what skills you are good at and what skills you would need to improve to be a great PM.

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    #2 Big Dragon 🐲

    Pick the skill that is most essential and has a huge impact on your career. Make that skill your No.1 priority.

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    #3 Choose Your Weapon βš”οΈ

    We have curated many valuable resources and organized them in various formats. Choose your format (blog, podcast, video, etc,.) and choose 1 or 2 resources to learn from.

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    #4 Learn, Apply & Share ♻️

    Learn something new every day. Whenever it is possible make sure you apply what you have learned, share your learnings with your friends & learn from your friends. 

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    #5 Build Strong Army πŸ’ͺ

    Whenever you find some valuable resources on your way and are not listed on Dr.Product, Go to the relevant page and click on Add Resource to add. 

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    #6 Power-Up Dr.Product ⚑️

    Power-up Dr.Product with your feedback, thoughts, feature request, etc., and help fellow product geeks.

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